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Target for property is a property consulting and Real Estate investment advisory company based in Egypt. We help buyers find the right property to invest in based on their specific needs which could be for RoI or a second home in Egypt or for luxury, etc.
Our vision at Target for Property was to create a boutique real estate agency that would go the extra mile to help people from all walks of life find their dream home.
Target for Property was established in April 2015 to forge a new path in real estate across Egypt the Egypt property market offers some of the finest apartments, villas and homes in the world, but was lacking in professional real estate services. Whilst catering to the needs of buyers and renters from around the world, precious little time was devoted to truly understanding the needs of those looking to climb the property ladder in Egypt.

Target for Property is committed to providing a consistent level of service and assistance at every step of the real estate process, whether you are looking to buy an apartment, sell your home or rent a villa in Egypt. Our dedicated and professional team have been exclusively selected to offer the most experienced solutions and expert knowledge to clients, both those based locally and those from abroad.

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