Apartments for rent in Sarayat Al Maadi, Hay El Maadi

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Apartments for Apartments for rent in Maadi Sarayatrent in Maadi Sarayat

Maadi Sarayat is considered one of the best places to look for an apartment for rent in Maadi amongst elite classes. It is one of the old spectacular districts there and is also called “Old Maadi.” This beautiful district is one of the greenest and least crowded areas in Egypt, begins from Port-said road till the railroad tracks. Also, it is featured by its unique location as it could be easily reachable through a number of roads such as Autostorad, Ring Rd, and Nile Corniche. It's quiet leafy streets, calmness, paved roads, and uniquely designed villas make it a favored residential area amongst many elite Egyptians and expatriates as it reminds them of their home countries. Thus, the demand for apartments for rent in Maadi Sarayat has increased especially that it is famous for many embassies that are connected to expats there. If you planning to live there for a short or long period, you will enjoy your stay as it contains everything you could ask for ranging from commercial malls to healthcare services, international restaurants, and cafes.

Apartments for rent in Maadi Sarayat
Why do people look for a flat for rent in Maadi Sarayat

Why do people look for a flat for rent in Maadi Sarayat

Maadi Sarayat offers a variety of uniquely designed villas, twin-houses, townhouses, duplexes, penthouses, and apartments. If you are on a wide budget and looking for a luxurious stay, villas for rent in Maadi Sarayat would be a perfect option. On the other hand, if you are looking for a fancy home with reasonable prices, you should go for apartments there. Since great living experience starts with a quality home, apartments in Sarayat Maadi sets standards for elite classes above and beyond your expectations. They are not only going to provide you with outstanding views of greenery and landscapes, but also a variety of unique facilities and services. You may ask yourself “what are the sizes of furnished apartments for rent in Maadi Sarayat by square meter there? The answer is simple. They come with different spaces ranging from 90 to 400 square meters and consists of at least two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a reception. Additionally, these apartments come with a variety of modern amenities such as a balcony, kitchen Appliances, view of a landmark in addition to the super lux finishing. For that reasons, it is a favored choice for expats who settled in Egypt. Thus, the demand for long-term apartments for rent in Maadi Sarayat has increased. Regarding prices, they are considered high in comparison to other districts in Maadi as rental apartments there come with a starting price of 35,000 EGP.

On the contrary, flats for rent in Degla Maadi are always in demand by Egyptian residents and expats as well. Degla is one of the modern and affluent districts in Maadi and is considered the favorite option for those who are looking for rental apartments with reasonable prices.

Finally, if you are looking for unfurnished or semi furnished flats for rent in Maadi Sarayat, check and you will find a wide range of apartments with pictures, listed by the best brokers in Egypt.