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Head office:فيلا 289 مصطفى كامل . جنوب الاكاديميه . التجمع الخامس ,القاهرة الجديدة

Property Real Estate Consultancy’ is one of the most professional real estate companies in Egypt. It set out form a develop real estate marketing model to lead the region. It now has a fever the head office in Egypt providing a high quality residential and commercial real estate services. It also covers aspects of property management, Marketing Advisory, Market Research, Project management, and appraisal. Our office is conveniently located and accessible to our clients.
Our Vision
The vision of Property Real Estate Consultancy is to be a profitable leader in Commercial and Residential Real Estate. We consistently produce and manage developments of lasting value to the community. Also, we serve our customers' needs and we aim to facilitate Real Estate transactions that guarantee a peace of mind for our client and providing top quality service through being a professional consultancy for our clients.
Our Mission
Property Real Estate Consultancy’ mission is to provide the most personal and professional real estate consulting service in Egypt to our clients through extensive local knowledge, clear communication, and stewardship throughout the entire purchase process.
Our Values:
Demonstrating Integrity:
We are consistent and transparent in our decisions and actions. We fulfill our commitments and conduct ourselves in a way that is true to our vision.
Striving For Excellence:
We keep learning Since we aim to deliver the highest quality performance in everything we do.
Customer Centrality:
We care about understanding the needs of our clients and providing for them the best service.
Cooperative interaction between us to satisfy our clients' needs.
Acquisition and Disposition Services
Our professionals work directly with you to determine your needs, then strive to improve efficiency and reduce costs continually. Property Real Estate Consultancy professionals carefully identify and focus on target markets and prepare the necessary packages such as purchase agreements, move-in details, and proposal solicitations.
Brokerage & Transaction Management
Property Real Estate Consultancy associates are equipped with the necessary skills to assist you with all of your transaction needs. Property Real Estate Consultancy professionals have access to the market data that will help them negotiate sale price or lease terms on your behalf. Their local market knowledge ensures that your transaction will be completed in accordance with all regulatory standards and will meet your needs.
Capital Services
Property Real Estate Consultancy can provide capital service in 3 categories:
• Analytics
• Investment Study
• Valuation
Project Management
Whether you are updating your current facility, entering a build-to-suit location or looking to build a property, Property Real Estate Consultancy associates can help you manage the Project process. From property rehabilitation to inspection, from zoning restrictions to property codes, Property Real Estate Consultancy associates guide you through all necessary steps to ensure your project is completed efficiently and within budget as Following
1- Project
2- Marketing Kit
3- Architecture Package
4- Structural Package
5- Electro/mechanical Package
6- Animation Package
Corporate Management
Property Real Estate Consultancy offers an array of advisory services such as research and analysis; portfolio review; lease vs. buy vs. build comparisons; market and space alternative overview; preparation of Requests for Proposals (RFPs); negotiating with property owners; structuring appropriate lease clauses; space planning coordination and consulting; transaction services including acquisition, disposition, subleasing, facility management, lease audit and occupancy cost analysis.
Investment Analysis
Property Real Estate Consultancy represents clients in both the acquisition and disposition of investment properties. With extensive market data, research, and a long history of success at their fingertips, Property Real Estate Consultancy associates provide comprehensive investment analytics that help to evaluate and increase return on investment, as well as find alternative financing recommendations and individual or multiple location transaction services.
Market Research & Analysis
Property Real Estate Consultancy associates have access to the latest commercial real estate information and trends that are essential to you in making informed decisions. With such comprehensive data, Property Real Estate Consultancy associates can help you determine your real estate alternatives. This includes researching and analyzing competitive properties, prevailing market conditions, and property occupancy. Associates can also identify prospective buyers or tenants through market strategy development using state-of-the-art proprietary systems for transaction services including property sales, lease negotiations, and lease renewals.
Property Development
Property Real Estate Consultancy associates are experienced in providing or overseeing the services and steps involved in property development, from site selection to topographical studies to actual construction. Associates will assemble a team of experts to ensure that your property is developed to your specifications, as well as all applicable regulatory standards.
Property & Facilities Management
Property Real Estate Consultancy works closely with you to provide comprehensive property management services, reducing expenses and increasing tenant retention. With a strong position in the commercial real estate industry, Property Real Estate Consultancy associates have the cutting-edge technology tools, property management expertise, and market knowledge to provide you with superior management services.

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