Ramadan Decorations Guide for a New Home Look

A few months left for Ramadan, a time of joyful and happy vibes which everyone waits for. People love decorating for the holy month as Ramadan decorations spread positive energy and warmth. 

How about some changes to your house? It will be so exciting, right? Ramadan themed decorations will make your home look different. Here are some tips and ideas for Ramadan home decorations. 

Ramadan Decorations

1. Home Door 

Decorating the home door is important as it gives a good impression to you and to your visitors. Here are some ideas for Ramadan home door decoration: 

  • Ramadan bunting can be hanged on the door
  • Happy Ramadan banner on it 
  • Ramadan Mubarak wreath at the center of the door.

2. Living Room

Ramadan room decor will change the look of the living room completely with no effort, just easy Ramadan decoration items. 

  • A Ramadan string lights along the walls
  • A large Ramadan lantern decoration at the entrance of the room
  • Blue or red khayameya covers on the sofa’s back
  • Khayameya pillows to decorate the floor
  • For Ramadan window decoration, Ramadan paper lanterns on the top edge of the windows
  • Ramadan centerpieces placed on the center or side tables
  • Lighting lanterns are perfect for Ramadan wall decoration  
  • Ramadan candle lights on the center or side tables.

3. Dining Room

One of the most distinctive traditions in Ramadan is the gatherings of friends and family over Iftar. Then decorating the dining room will add so much fun to you and your beloved ones.

  • For Ramadan Iftar decorations, customized Ramadan plates and napkins
  • Khaymeya covers on the dining table
  • Small Ramadan square covers on the chairs’ back 
  • Even the desserts! You can decorate them by adding Ramadan Kareem cake toppers to them. 
  • Ramadan hanging decorations on the walls like Ramadan ornaments and Ramadan wreath. 

4. The Kids Room

We came to the most interesting thing for your kids which is decorating their rooms. They’ll be so excited and will love to make it on their own.

  • Ramadan Decorations for Kids Room:
    • Small Ramadan lanterns on the shelves or the studying table
    • A string of Ramadan crescent moon and stars hanging on the wall or the bed’s back
    • Pillow covers with Arabian patterns of Ramadan
    • A string of the word “Ramadan” paper decoration on the room’s door
    • Ramadan Kareem balloons on the floor
    • Ramadan banner on the cupboards 
    • A mosque corner in the room so the children get excited about praying and decorate it with Ramadan Kareem paper string
    • Ramadan crescent moon decoration on the bed-side table. 

5. The Kitchen  

Even for your kitchen look, you can add traditional Ramadan decorations for a good change: 

  • Ramadan decoration lights on the kitchen door
  • On the refrigerator, you can put “Ramadan Mubarak” banner
  • Ramadan garlands on the kitchen’s cabinets.

6. The Garden 

If your home has a garden, decorating it with Ramadan outdoor decorations would be awesome and will complete your home’s look. Check these ideas to help you in Ramadan Kareem decor for the garden: 

  • Ramadan outdoor lights on the garden’s door
  • Ramadan tree, customized moon crescent tree, placed at the side of the garden
  • Ramadan fairy lights added to Ramadan tree
  • Small Ramdan lanterns hanged on the garden’s trees 
  • Ramadan balloons on the floor or hung on the trees.

You can buy Ramadan decorations from the following places:

  • ABn’G World
    • Location: 14 Ismaeil Street, Zamalek. 
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  • Tica’s 
    • Location: 17 Abdelmoneim Riad street Mohandeseen, Cairo. 
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Now you have the best Ramadan decoration ideas to make your home perfect. They are all simple Ramadan decorations that don’t need much effort and will make your home look very stylish and beautiful in celebration of the holy month. 

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