Privado Madinaty: Your Gate to Privacy

Privado is one of the most prominent projects carried out by Talaat Moustafa Group,- one of the largest real estate developers in Egypt – as a part of its huge well-known project “Madinaty”. 

The project was launched in Ramadan as a clever act that served as a powerful catalyst for spectators at this time of the year. The project is mainly designed to fit the elite. Read on and learn all about it.

Privado Madinaty Location

Privado is located near both; Central Park and Madinaty Spin road. It is strategically located in a first-class spot close to Cairo International Airport and Suez Project, where it is also easily reached from New Cairo especially through 90th Street.

Privado Madinaty Lifestyle

Privado is the first compound built in the area aiming to be an integrated community in order to provide residents with the utilities suitable for them, in addition to having the most luxurious services. Here is a list of the most remarkable services in the compound:

  • Universal restaurants
  • Shopping centers
  • Vast green areas
  • Water lakes
  • Club and shops
  • Garage
  • Cinemas

Privado Madinaty Prices

Reservations have already been opened with prices starting from around EGP 20,000  per meter.

Privado Madinaty Payment Plans and Delivery Date

Privado Madinaty offers a payment plan that includes:

  • Payment is made within four years period with a deposit starting from LE 60,750 and an installment of 3470 per month with a repayment period of 10 years.
  • All units are delivered within 4 and a half years.

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