What does a ‘home’ mean to you? 

We know moving living spaces is such an emotional experience. When you look for a home, you are seeking more than just a roof or a space to live in. We asked ourselves ‘what does home mean to our consumers’ and the response was always associated with emotions. For some ‘home’ is a place where they find `joy` around their family while others view it as a place of `peace’ and even ‘comfort`. We created our last campaign to invite everyone to take a proactive approach to find what transforms a space to ‘home`. 

Whatever the associated emotion, with advanced search capabilities, trust Property Finder to find you more than a house. 

Property Finder: Your Peace Finder

Peace is what we feel when we’re at our favorite corner at home daydreaming and enjoying a unique view out the window. A spacious home by endless open green areas is the best source of peace you’ll find. 

your peace finder

Your search for peace can be found at the stunning homes offered at Zed Sheikh Zayed. Property Finder features many spacious properties available for sale at Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed with breathtaking green views.

Property Finder: Your Joy Finder

Joyful moments fill a home when we celebrate special occasions together in the roof or garden, like our little ones’ birthdays. Our space is our comfort zone that brings a feeling of joy like no other with our family and friends.

your joy finder

There is no developer in Egypt that embodies the joy we feel with our loved ones and the community we live in like Mountain View. Rediscover the joy in your life with one of  their most popular projects; check out all properties available for sale in Mountain View iCity New Cairo on Property Finder.

Property Finder: Your Color Finder

Colors are what light up our lives and we all dream of colorful escapes—soothing greens and blues, mixed in with the color of sunsets. Your home should offer you exactly that which colors your mood and Property Finder can help you find the right match. 

your color finder

We all want to get away sometimes and live in our summer homes. Check out all the properties available at Mountain View North Coast on Property Finder to build your second colorful home. 

Property Finder: Your Trust Finder 

A home that you connect with has to inspire that safe feeling. Home is the one place where you feel totally yourself; it’s a place where there is no judgment.

We take your needs into consideration and provide you a search journey you can trust. There are verified listings catered to the exact needs that represent a home. We work with professional trustworthy brokers to make dream homes a reality.

your trust finder

A community that takes all aspects of safety and security into consideration is not a chance you let go by. Madinaty has everything you need and offers a feeling of harmony in a place you can trust. Check out all the available properties for sale in Madinaty on Property Finder. 

Property Finder: Your Comfort Finder 

Home is always associated with your comfort zone where you are yourself and be with people that help you be yourself. Whether inside your own home or within the community, a feeling of comfort is what makes a place worth it. 

your comfort finder

Palm Hills is among the most popular developers you’ll find in Egypt and one that knows exactly what you want in a home. The feeling of comfort you’re seeking can be found at Badya Palm Hills, an exclusive and massive project where everything you want is ready for you. Choose your home from many properties available for sale at Badya Palm Hills on Property Finder.

We, as Your Home Finder, invite you to find out what transforms a house into a home for you. Check out our listings all over Egypt; we promise you there is a place for you to call home. Property Finder is the portal to find your new home and so much more.