Best Decoration Ideas to Keep the Ramadan Spirit

The holy month is all about family gatherings, self-betterment, purifying your soul, and feeling the unity with people from all around the world. Sometimes our daily hectic life can make us stray from our path, therefore we always try to keep these little things that remind us of what the month is all about, and keep the Ramadan spirit alive. How, you ask? The answer is simple: Make your home look like Ramadan!

Here are some suggestions on how to decorate your house in Ramadan to keep the spirit alive throughout the whole month.

Ramadan Decorations

First, the Living Room

This is where the family spends most of the time, whether just hanging out, or watching TV to kill fasting time, or to just relax after you are done eating. And because so much time is spent there, it even sometimes doubles as the dining room,, it is one of the main places you can decorate to feel the Ramadan air around you.

Best Living Room Decoration Ideas:

  • Ramadan Lanterns: Spread them everywhere in different sizes; you can have maybe 2 or three medium-sized lanterns on the center table, have a big one in the corner, and small to medium-sized ones scattered around the room
  • Ramadan Cushions: Cover your cushions with beautiful Ramadan-style cushion covers. They do not have to be the same traditional colors, but there are different colors now that are being used to draw Ramadan icons like the crescent, the word Ramadan, lanterns, and much more.
  • Ramadan Tablecloths: Decorate your center table with a colorful, Ramadan-designed tablecloth. You can even match them with the cushion covers.
  • Hang Ramadan pictures on the walls. You can find beautiful designs done on modern canvas or wood to be hanged on the wall that look attractive and chic in your living room.

Second, the Dining Room

This is the life of the party in Ramadan! You usually invite family and friends for iftar, and the dining room is where the magic, as in eating, happens. So spread the spirit with more decorations!

Best Dining Room Decoration Ideas:

  • Ramadan Tablecloth: Cover the dining room table with a stylish Ramadan tablecloth. There are endless designs, as mentioned before, for tablecloths that you can choose from, and many many colors that can match your home design and decorations.
  • Ramadan Lanterns: Spread some lanterns around. Small, stylish metal lanterns are very popular, and now they have numerous shapes and designs. You can use them for bright, or soft, lighting, depending on your preference. You can also make the room brighter with one or two big lanterns on the floor to add more to the joys of this month.

Third, the Kitchen

Since food is the magic of Ramadan, then the kitchen is where the magic is brewed! So why not spread the spirit more and cook even better food?

Best Ramadan Kitchen Decoration Ideas:

  • Refrigerator Magnets: These are the simplest, and most common, items used to decorate the kitchen. They brighten up the fridge, and give you a better mood to cook even more delicious food.
  • Chair Seat Covers: You can use them to cover your chairs with Ramadan-designed chair covers that match your style and favorite colors.
  • Ramadan Utensils: These are one of the best ideas to cheer up and look forward even more to eat the delicious food that is cooked. For example, you can have crescent-shaped cutters for dough and have Ramadan-shaped baked foods. Another example is pots with Ramadan designs drawn on them.

Fourth, the Reception and the Guest Room

These are the parts you welcome your guests at. The reception is not only important for guests, but also for you when you get back from work, it is the first thing you see. Let your house welcome you and your guests by spreading Ramadan decoration items around it. And, of course, the guest room is where the guests stay for the rest of the visit.

Best Reception and Guest Room Decoration Ideas:

  • Ramadan Lanterns: There is no such thing as too many lanterns, is there? Well, there is, but if you spread the right amount of lanterns that match your space and decorations, you are good. Light up your room with lanterns!
  • Ramadan tablecloths: They are a great idea for your center table or your side tables.
  • Decoration Plates:They are also another common and interesting idea to use as centerpieces for your tables, and they can also be hung on the wall.
  • Crescent-shaped Trees or Lantern-shaped Trees: They give the room a unique and exciting look that keep the Ramadan spirit alive.

Last, but definitely not least, the Bedrooms

This is where you start and end your day, so spreading decorations there is never a bad idea.

Best Bedroom Decoration Ideas:

  • Pillow Covers: When decorated in Ramadan designs, they are a really nice way to start your day and end it.
  • Ramadan Bed Sheets: They are another cool idea to continue spreading the Ramadan spirit.
  • Blankets and Bed Covers: These are also pretty welcoming and cozy, and there are many designs and colors that can match your room and style.
  • Lanterns: Those can replace nightstand lights in Ramadan if you wish. They are very stylish, and they create soothing lights.
  • Ramadan Shapes: Stars, crescents, and lantern-shaped shapes dangling from the ceiling can be cheerful, especially for children’s bedrooms.

Finally, keep it simple and elegant, but spread the spirit and enjoy this holy month to the fullest by surrounding yourself with everything that reminds you of the joy of this month.

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